The Services

Services as a System.

Service Excellence is what businesses achieve when they consistently meet or try to exceed customer expectations by offering quality services. 

The provision of excellent services has a direct impact on a company’s long-term profitability and viability. Companies that provide excellent services, among other things:

  • achieve customer loyalty through customer satisfaction;
  • can attract new customers while keeping their current customer base; 
  • have higher profits per employee;
  • and have fewer price-sensitive customers.

Service Excellence training combines cutting-edge scientific knowledge with tried- and-true methods for improving the guest experience. Our approach, in contrast to other training methods, takes a systemic view of services and provides a comprehensive understanding of all the factors that collectively affect and ultimately determine guests’ evaluations of quality.


Basic introductory theoretical training

Intensive theoretical and practical training

Tailor-made training services adapted to the needs of each company