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Iliana Katsaridou

The Human Touch: Why People Are the Soul of Service

Consider a five-star hotel with marble floors and rich carpets, and remove the people who take care of you from the picture. Imagine a trendy bar with the best music and cocktails, but without the bartender to serve you. Imagine the finest restaurant with the highest-quality cuisine but without the server to attend to your needs. What’s left? Faceless, cold buildings – lifeless equipment and installations. In the world of service, people make all the difference. Because people are the soul of service.
Restaurant service

Ten common mistakes in restaurant service

The behaviour of service personnel in a restaurant should be professional, courteous, and hospitable towards customers, while service employees should reflect the image of the restaurant that is represented. 

Customer right

Is the customer always right?

We’ve all encountered them at some point during one of our nights out. We’ve seen them sitting at our table, or at a table next to us. They are the entitled customers.

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Survival Pricing Strategies

In order to survive during this critical period of the pandemic, restaurant owners need to be creative when it comes to pricing.

πανδημία εστιατόρια

How to communicate with restaurant customers during the pandemic

Even if the majority of restaurants remain closed, several among them still maintain some of their operations. 

Service excellence

What is Service Excellence;

Delivering excellent customer service requires knowledge, training, skills, and abilities. It necessitates consistency and reliability, in order to develop a relationship of trust between service companies and their customers. 

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Σχεδιασμός Μενού

Menu design tactics

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Service Characteristics

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Who is your customer?

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Customer right

Market research in the restaurant industry

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